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How your home office also becomes a success

With the invention of the Internet and the sustainable development from an industrialized country into a service economy, it is possible for more and more people in this country to do their job from their home office. While various studies have already proven that working from a home office can have a positive effect on an employee's mood and performance, the use of the home office has nevertheless not been ubiquitous until now. Only in the course of the Corona pandemic has a large part of the working world moved into the home.

Of course, not every job can be done from home. Let's take pharmaceuticals/biotechnology as an example: While employees in manufacturing, production and packaging have to provide a certain on-site presence, employees from many other areas such as quality assurance, drug approval or accounting and controlling can also perform a large part of their work from the home office.

Three advantages that make a good case for your home office

Advantage #1: Working independently of the location for a globalized world

Today, companies draw on an international pool of professionals and executives. For companies, the widespread introduction of home office options maximizes the likelihood of finding the ideal candidate for an open position. This is due to both the larger candidate catchment area and the increased attractiveness of the company, which enables remote working.Employees also have a very large increase in flexibility in the choice of their work location.

Advantage #2: Flexible working according to own biorhythm and needs

Scientific studies show that people have different phases of increased productivity. For so-called "night owls," who perform at their best at night, the typical 9-to-5 is contrary to the body's needs. On the other side of the spectrum, extreme early risers complete their best performance long before official company hours.

Here, home office allows nuanced planning, which also benefits companies by increasing personnel performance. More flexible working hours also enable professionals to tailor their daily routine to their own needs or life circumstances. For example, family caregivers, parents and also people with mental health challenges appreciate the adaptive qualities of working from home.

Advantage: #3 Saving time and costs

Almost half of all professionals need more than half an hour to get to their place of work. Home office eliminates both the time that has to be spent and the costs that specialists and managers incur due to the travel. An additional side effect: fewer commuters protect the environment.

There is also a huge cost-saving potential for companies here: general office infrastructure, expenses for travel costs or fleet cars are just a few examples. Likewise, many freelancers bill their travel time at reduced hourly rates and the on-site hourly rate is usually higher - so these costs also decrease significantly.

Home Office Success: Four Innovative Strategies

Home office strategy #1: Efficient rituals

Since distractions lie dormant at home and the line between personal and professional life can easily blur, it's a good idea to start your work time with a specific ritual. For example, this could be a specific cup that you use for your daily dose of coffee or tea during work hours. Others resort to a bracelet or other piece of jewelry, which for them stands for the external symbol of the work mode. There are no limits to your imagination here. An individual ritual will certainly simplify the start of the working day.

Home office strategy #2: Create a suitable atmosphere

You don't need a separate office to work productively from home. Small adjustments have a big effect here: turn the kitchen table towards the window, clear the desk of everyday objects or separate your workplace from the rest of the home with a screen or room divider. By the way, appropriate atmosphere also includes clothing. Sweatpants may be comfortable, but your mind associates them with leisure rather than productivity. So to get into the right mindset, you should at least switch to everyday clothes.

Home office strategy #3: Setting your working hours

To prevent the boundaries between work and private life from becoming too blurred in the home office, it is essential to set clear working hours. Lists of tasks to be completed can be a good addition here. Clear rules regarding social interactions should be established together before you start working from home: For example, if you live with your family, which is also at home during your working hours, it should be clarified in advance in which cases your working day may be interrupted.

Home office strategy #4: Keep your energy level high

Even in your own home, it is not possible to work continuously through. Think about regular breaks that don't challenge you mentally. A cup of coffee with a view out the window or a brisk walk are ideal here - answering private messages less so. Listen to yourself to see if your body has enough energy. Prepare simple snacks in advance that support your circulation, such as nuts, fruit or bars. In fifteen minutes of break, it is quite possible to prepare a small snack, if that is more to your taste. Taking care of yourself in this regard will increase your ability to concentrate for active periods, provide variety, and help make your home office experience more engaging.

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Project peak? Audits? Staff downtime?

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