Tailored recruitment service

for pharmacy, biotechnology and medical technology

Finding the right talent is not always easy. We support companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology sectors in their search for highly qualified personnel on a permanent basis and via contracting. In doing so, we cover the entire value chain of your company and the entire product life cycle of your drug or medical device.

Highly specialized professionals

Top professionals in high demand for your company: Through our carefully assembled network, we are in touch with the best specialists and executives in the medical devices and pharmaceutical industry. Our proven recruiting process guarantees that your vacancy will be filled with professionals who meet your requirements.

Attractive vacancies

In order to fill open vacancies, many companies in the life sciences are looking for a headhunter and prefer to use a specialized recruitment consultancy. We provide our candidates exciting and prestigious vacancies in the national and international environment of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology.


Top-qualified talents for your business


Efficient process from initial consultation to placement


Reputable vacancies in pharmacy and medical technology

Jaques Daudert Profile

„Each of our team members is dedicated to you personally: Because your success is also our success.“

Jaques Christopher Daudert

Managing Partner at Vality One

What defines us

Whether permanent employees or freelancers - we bring companies and specialists from the life sciences (pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices) together in a fast and precisely fitting manner. Particularly in the life sciences sector, it is crucial to have the right experts with optimal qualifications, experience, and tailored know-how available. 

Top candidate for a perfect placement

To guarantee the perfect filling of your vacancy, we develop a search profile together with you that is tailored to your requirements. At the same time, this enables us to provide an ideal candidate experience: Thanks to experienced recruiter with a high level of expertise in the life sciences sector, we can guarantee an optimal basis for cooperation on an equal footing. This is what makes us a professional recruitment service provider.

That is why at Vality One we focus on personalized and custom-fit personnel consulting for long-term and satisfying recruitment results. Clients and also experts, receive dedicated contact persons who are available to them both in the initial phase and long after the successful recruitment.

Project peak? Audits? Staff downtime?

Are you looking for new resources in permanent employment or in the form of freelance experts? We will find the right expert for your needs.

Our services in Detail

Permanent placement

As part of a success-based placement, we develop the right match for you using our proven placement process.

Placement of freelancers

Ready-to-go experts with immense expertise create quality and ensure simple solutions to the most complex issues.

Looking for new opportunities?

As part of our candidate network, you will be the first to benefit from new professional opportunities!

Our way of working

Technical and industry knowledge is essential for successful recruitment. We secure this knowledge through our strong focus on the life sciences and the continuous training of our employees in the fields of medical technology, biotech and pharmaceuticals. We are also constantly informed about the latest developments, trends and challenges in the industries. This is the only way we can understand and meet the requirements of our clients and candidates.

Our efficient and reliable way of operating ensures that both our client and our candidate are always ahead of the game. In doing so, we work according to a stringent quality concept that drives us to headhunting excellence on a daily basis.

We are aware of our responsibility and therefore refrain from unregulated recruiting. Instead, we concentrate on the essentials: Efficient process control guarantees a smooth experience of success for all parties involved.

As consultants, we see our main task as listening to and understanding your requirements. The subsequent placement is a natural process that results from this. Therefore, our responsibility goes far beyond that of a conventional headhunter.

As recruitment consultants, we know exactly what is important: Together with our client, we create a customized search profile that serves as the basis for our work. Only in this way can we, as a personnel service provider, place candidates in a targeted manner.

On the candidate side, we are not only interested in your professional expertise, but also take care of your personal wishes and goals for your future career. Medical technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are industries with high demands and it is precisely these demands that we as a personnel consultancy should also meet. We are aware that the satisfaction of the applicant is just as important as that of our client.

In this way, we can guarantee an exact match and consistently reflect our high standards of quality and reliability in our daily work as recruiters - because only in this way can the relationship between expert and client flourish in the long term.

Our personal representatives ensure transparent communication. Both clients and candidates are regularly informed about process updates. This ensures certainty and a smooth process on all sides. Vality One is your reliable partner and personnel consultant in the industry you can rely on!

The highly confidential and respectful handling of personal data, information and business confidentiality is a matter of principle for us.

The secrecy of information is essential, particularly in the medical technology, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. We feel it is part of our responsibility to also apply this secrecy of information to our collaboration with external personnel service providers. Regardless of whether it's search requests, business information, or resumes: data submitted to us is secure beyond the scope of the DSGVO and is treated with complete confidentiality, because respectful treatment of you and your personal data forms the foundation for a sustainable business relationship.