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Project peak? Audits? Staff downtime?

Advantages of external recruiting - An overview

Do you as a company have sufficient resources to recruit the necessary skilled workers? The internal HR department is often fully occupied with day-to-day business. Conducting interviews, sifting through applications and contacting applicants takes a lot of time, so that the necessary capacities for actively searching for applicants are often lacking. In order to remain competitive, however, you as a company are dependent on good personnel. This is where external recruiters enter the game, to help you finding the right people for your company.

Advantages for your company

Companies often justify their decision against hiring a personnel consultancy with the associated costs. In doing so, they do not consider that the costs of an unfilled position are usually higher than the costs of the placement. Due to the costs, the advantages of the support of a personnel consultancy are largely pushed into the background and are not obvious. In the following, we would like to present the most important advantages:

Additional Resources

With the help of a personnel consultancy, you avoid a time-consuming and cost-intensive search for applicants. You save yourself doing job advertisements, managing application processes and finding suitable applicants. Searching for applicants via social networks such as LinkedIn, Xing and Co. also often delivers great results, but companies need corresponding resources for this. A recruiter provides additional capacities to find the best possible applicants for your vacancy. By publishing job advertisements on their own channels and using a variety of recruiting tools, you also gain an additional candidate range.

Profiling and matching

External recruitment consultancies usually work according to a certain pattern. They agree on the job profile with the company, create a candidate profile as well as a job advertisement and then start their search. In the first instance, they often search their own extensive databases. At the same time, they looking for suitable candidates on social networks. By matching the candidates with the requirements of your vacancy, the personnel consultants make a pre-selection from which you as a company can decide on an applicant. This eliminates the need to screen numerous applications from unsuitable candidates.

Extended pool of candidates

you as a company. For example, the number of candidates applying to advertisements on the internet is often limited. Many people are not tied to a city but tend to apply for jobs at their current residence. Recruiters often go one step further, because their databases contain many candidates, who are open to relocate. In this way, you as a company get access to great candidates from other regions.

Fast support

A lack of resources is annoying. Why should you leave the staffing success to fate? As a headhunter, we actively go into recruitment and guarantee first qualified profiles within a few days. In this way, we can actively influence the filling of your vacancy.

Instead of waiting several months for suitable applicants, you can fill vacancies quickly and consistently in this way.

Costs for open vacancies

Open vacancies slow down your company's success. Your employees no longer work proactively, but reactively. Lack of time means that innovative potential cannot be called upon. An increasing and persistent workload can lead to a downward cycle. The consequences range from overwork and frustration to new absences due to illness or resignation, which again reflects on the remaining employees.

Strategic recruiting isn't more expensive than an open vacancy. On the contrary: In most cases, an unfilled vacancy is even more expensive. A common rule of thumb says: an open vacancy that remains unfilled for 83 days costs the company the annual salary of the employee the company is looking for - a multiple of the commission for the personnel consultant.

The costs of vacancy (COV) are intended to express this economic effect in a figure. For this calculation, the annual salary per working day is multiplied by a significance factor* and the average time to hire (duration in days for replacement).

COV = annual salary/working days x significance factor x ø time-to-hire

Calculation example: 75.000€ / 250 x 3 x 48 = 43.200€

The open vacancy costs the company just over €40,000 in one and a half months. On the other hand, the more important the position is for the company and the longer the time required for recruiting, the more expensive it is not to fill the vacancy. The average cost of filling a vacancy externally through a headhunter is significantly less than this.

*The significance factor is based on the impact of the position to be filled on the business result (1=subordinate position, 2=important, 3=essential)

Do you have an open vacancy to fill?

We are looking forward to support you in finding the right candidate for you! Through our carefully compiled network, we are in contact with the best specialists and executives in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, as well as medical technology. Our proven recruiting process guarantees that your vacancy will be filled professionally and in line with your requirements. We guarantee qualified profiles within a few days, which have been carefully pre-selected and individually briefed.

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Project peak? Audits? Staff downtime?

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