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Personalized medicine- medicine of the future

Man is constantly striving to optimize and develop everything. This also includes the healing of illnesses. Today's society is focused on individualization and strives for the best options for each individual.  This striving also extends to the life science sector, as individualized or personalized medicine is one of the industry's megatrends. However, the necessary basis for this lies not only in medical research but also in digitization. It ensures meaningful data volumes, medical analyses, and efficient data management.

A look at the past shows that medicine has achieved a great deal so far. However, many guidelines in the healthcare industry are based on an average patient. It follows that treatment therapies and medications are standardized in a certain way. Standardization has advantages, of course: The guidelines are points of orientation for physicians. Nevertheless, practice shows that certain therapies often remain unsuccessful. For example, antidepressants, have no effect on many people. Or a simple aspirin tablet. It remains a tablet, no matter which person takes it.

How does personalized healthcare work?
Personalized Medicine aims to find tailored solutions for individual patients. To achieve this goal, various factors are included and taken into account in treatment methods. The goal is to make medicine more efficient and effective.

A first prerequisite on the road to personalized medicine is the understanding of basic disease mechanisms and the identification of molecular switches for the expression of a disease. The basis for this is breakthroughs in genetic engineering and biotechnology. Good examples of personalized medicine already yielding new diagnoses and therapies include: Cancer, stroke and Alzheimer's disease.

Therefore, chemotherapies were usually the only treatments used against cancer. For a few years now, antibody therapies have been used instead. These are more targeted because they are tailored to a person and the type of tumor

Fields of application: Oncology, ophthalmology, autoimmune diseases

Currently, personalized medicine is mainly used in ophthalmology - especially for retinal diseases - as well as in cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases and in oncology. These areas in particular benefit from individualized treatments.

Rapid technological development is creating fascinating opportunities for further treatment approaches. To date, around 67 drugs have been personalized and used in Germany.

Personalized medicine requires expertise

Digitization is what makes personalized medicine possible in the first place. However, it is necessary to learn how to deal with the collected data that is generated, evaluated and interpreted during treatment. The prerequisite for success is intelligent information and data management.

This highlights the need for analytics and expert knowledge. To be able to master this challenge in the long term and financially, artificial intelligence (AI) is a central factor for dealing with personalized medicine in the future.

The goal is for AI-powered systems to calculate individual medications and personalized therapies based on the collected data.

Prognosis for the future

The potential of personalized medicine is clearly visible. It is already helping to improve health today and can achieve great things in the future. Experts are therefore advising that the potential be exploited. The advance of digital health technologies and personalized medicine are shaping the business models of tomorrow.

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