Project peak? Audits? Staff downtime?

The three forms of recruitment - an overview

The procurement of suitable personnel (in whatever form) is essential for the success or failure of a company. Especially in the life sciences, staff shortages can often have serious consequences. Whether a highly qualified freelancer is needed in the short term for sudden bottlenecks and projects, or long-term resources are to be expanded through new permanent positions: Recruitment is a daily part of business management.

In order to find a selection of suitable candidates as efficiently and quickly as possible, many companies rely on external personnel service providers. Such recruiters draw on an extensive network of experts and can thus respond flexibly to staff shortages.

In principle, a distinction is made between three different forms of recruitment, which are explained below.

Employee leasing

Also known as temporary employment, the principle of employee leasing is a popular model, especially in the catering or construction industries. As the names already suggest, the employee is permanently employed and then temporarily leased ("borrowed") to other companies.

The client can thus act flexibly and counteract staff shortages. Since skilled workers are merely "loaned out," there is less bureaucracy and resources can be deployed with precision. Employee leasing thus enables customers to work more economically.

Employees benefit from the security of a permanent position with the temporary employment agency, even if this means giving up their influence as far as the respective areas and locations of deployment are concerned. This is offset by a high degree of flexibility and varied activities.

Advantages and disadvantages of employee leasing


  • Permanent employment with the temporary employment agency
  • Fast availability for the required period
  • High flexibility 


  • Hardly any influence by the employee on deployment locations or areas

Permanent Position

If the required personnel resources are to be permanently available to the pharmaceutical company or medical technology group, classical personnel placement often makes sense: the direct placement of specialists and managers in permanent positions by headhunters and recruiting companies.

Customers benefit here from a large contact network of qualified experts from the staffing service provider. Staffing service providers are usually highly specialized and, thanks to their experience, enable you to manage the process efficiently and smoothly. Success-based placement means that you only pay for the staffing service used if the placement is successful. Increasingly, it may be advisable to relieve the burden on internal HR by using external personnel service providers to take care of a specific specialist area, so that in-house recruiters can deploy their resources elsewhere.

For specialists, the search for a suitable permanent position is usually time-consuming and complex. In this case in particular, it is advisable to work with a staffing service provider who can take over the entire search and administration. In addition, experienced recruiters usually offer valuable experience and can approach things objectively as a neutral third party. In particular, direct contact with the specialist departments often offers noticeable added value compared to direct applications.

Advantages and disadvantages of permanent employment

  • Planning security through a permanent job
  • Long-term resource acquisition and diversification of your corporate culture


  • Elaborate and sometimes long search
  • Long training periods depending on the vacancy

Freelance experts (freelancers/consultants)

Personnel bottlenecks often come very suddenly: pending audits, upcoming projects or the unforeseen absence of an employee are just a few examples of the need for an immediately deployable personnel resource.

Although freelance consultants are at first glance more cost-intensive than permanent resources, the opportunity costs as well as the added value associated with freelancers is often incomparably higher. The immediate availability and flexible deployment time of freelancers offer immediate relief in case of problems. The high level of technical expertise (especially in niches and sub-areas) as well as the countless experiences from previous projects guarantee an immense added value with low training costs at the same time.

Last but not least, a freelance consultant can serve as a sparring partner, since freelancers see things differently as external service providers than internal employees. In this way, deadlocked processes and complex issues can be resolved quickly.

At the same time, more and more experts are discovering what is known as contracting for themselves: as external consultants, freelancers or interim managers, they help on a project-related and temporary basis. The advantages are obvious: As freelancers, these experts are their own boss and choose exactly those projects and vacancies that match their passion and inclination. By freelancing, consultants can apply their many years of expertise in a targeted manner and thus add immense value for their clients.

Advantages and disadvantages of freelancer


  • Fast filling of vacancies
  • Securing the processes relevant to the company
  • High flexibility & enormous know-how


  • Regular project acquisition necessary
  • At first glance more cost-intensive than permanent positions

The advantage of specialized personnel consulting

As experienced personnel service providers, we help both customers and experts by responding to your needs individually and holistically.

Our customers benefit from a high-caliber pool of immediately available and highly qualified professionals who are looking for their next challenge. It is particularly important for us to find an expert who also fits you and your company on a personal level. To this end, we work with you to create a customized search profile that takes into account far more criteria than just the resume.

Learn more about how we find the best candidates for your staffing requirements.

For both professionals seeking permanent positions and ambitious freelancers, we draw on a high-caliber network in the national pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.

In doing so, we maintain close contact with the responsible parties and direct decision-makers as a liaison and advisor and can thus give you the edge. We take care of the perfect presentation of your profile and accompany the entire application process up to the signing of the contract.

In the context of freelance projects, we also take care of the complete project administration, possible project extensions as well as the acquisition of follow-up projects - so that you, as a freelancer, can fully concentrate on your passion.

Learn more about the benefits from a collaboration with Vality One for candidates.

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Project peak? Audits? Staff downtime?

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