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Three steps to a successful resume

When looking for new career opportunities and projects in the life sciences, a convincing and meaningful resume is the key to success. After all, it is this first impression that convinces employers and clients of a candidate's abilities - or not. This is why a resume should be prepared even more carefully.

We present three steps to get your CV in the best possible shape in the following.

Step 1: Exact information about the professional career

The essence of a good resume is the antichronological listing of experiences. The most recent activity is mentioned first. This includes, of course, the exact period of the project/employment, in addition to the full title and company.

Honesty is the top priority: Anyone who thinks they can get a head start with embellished or even false job titles will very quickly be proven wrong. This also applies to introductory sections, which in some CVs give an overview of the applicant's special skills and strengths.

For freelancers, it is useful to attach a project list showing the activities and tasks. In case of anonymity requirement, paraphrases can be used, e.g. "Consultant Quality Management of a MedTec company in Germany", instead of naming the medical technology company specifically.

But here, too, the rule is: less is more. Applicants often tend to include too much information in the job descriptions of projects and positions. Instead, the focus should be on the core skills and key tasks in order to convey a targeted and, above all, accurate picture.

Both freelancers and permanent employees should provide relevant references and attach them to the resume, if already available, so that all information is visible at first view.

Special successes need to be highlighted - but prioritization is required here, which brings us to the second step.

Step 1 in a nutshell:

  • Antichronological listing of experience with the most recent activity first
  • Complete and accurate information of the job or project title, time period, company, and exact activities.
  • Link to references
  • Highlighting achievements
  • Truthful content ("less is more")

Step 2: Precise matching to the targeted job offer

The spectrum of possible tasks and projects in the fields of biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceuticals is enormously diverse. That is why a convincing resume always includes targeting: Depending on the job description of the job offer, it is important to optimize one's own resume.

For example, if it is a highly specialized job in the quality assurance department of a pharmaceutical company, the focus will be on the achievements that most closely match or resemble the targeted position, or most clearly demonstrate suitability for this vacancy. For example, the resume submitted to apply for a position as Manager Quality Control (m/f/*) will be different than if the same candidate applies as Manager Quality Assurance and QMS (m/f/*).

The keywords and soft skills mentioned in the job offer are particularly helpful here, as they give an impression of which qualities are of primary importance to the employer. These should therefore be specifically - albeit sparingly - integrated into the resume if they apply.

To make this more subtle, synonyms can be used. For example, one demonstrates "initiative" instead of being able to work independently. Such formulations also show that the candidate has looked very closely at the open position.

Step 2 in a nutshell:

  • Optimization of the resume based on the job offer
  • Integration of keywords or synonyms from the job description to clarify suitability
  • Individualized matching of the CV to the skills and activities mentioned in the job description

Step 3: Appealing presentation

In addition to all the content aspects and information content, the appearance of the resume should not be neglected.

A clear design includes, among other things, a uniform font and font size as well as a layout appropriate to the position. For open vacancies in more creative areas such as the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company or the conceptual design and development of new medical technology prototypes, your own wealth of ideas can also be expressed in the design of the CV. However, the boundaries are fluid - in general, the same applies here: Less is more.

This is especially true for continuous texts and descriptions. Keeping paragraphs and bullet points short helps the viewer's eye get a quick overview and dive deeper into the candidate's background with a positive feeling. More information does not necessarily mean a better impression in this case.

Step 3 in a nutshell:

  • Clear structure and design
  • A layout appropriate for the job
  • The guiding concept for the text is KISS, "keep it short and simple".

Advantages thanks to professional personnel consulting

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Addendum: Where do I design my resume?

Meanwhile, the Internet offers a versatile range of resume design templates for common text editing programs. These are an ideal starting point and can be easily personalized. If you like it a little more special, you can use special editing programs like e.g. Canva. Here you will find modern templates for a wide range of fields, including life sciences.

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Project peak? Audits? Staff downtime?

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