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Are you ready for the next step in your career and looking for the next challenge in the medical technology, pharmaceutical or biotechnology sector?

Whether as a freelancer or in a permanent position: Do you want to concentrate fully on your passion and use your talents to support a company that is a perfect fit for you?

Then welcome to Vality One! As a specialized headhunter, we support you on your way to your next job or project with the most renowned companies in medical technology, pharmaceuticals or biotechnology.

Six steps to
your next opportunity

We do everything in our power to get you excited about us and, thanks to a smooth process, to get you into your new job in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical technology sectors.

Initial contact

As a candidate, you are just as individual and diverse as our customers. It is therefore essential to get to know you and your goals. This usually happens in a short (video) phone call.

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Initial contact
Profile creation

So that you can be considered first in our customers' search requests, we will include you in our database. For this we need your current résumé.

Profile creation

Together we go through the requirements of each job, weigh them together and discuss how to proceed.

Introdiction and application process

Thanks to our direct contact with the decision-makers from the specialist and HR departments, you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Introdiction and application process

In the case of a placement, we will prepare you as best as possible for your new challenge together with your future employer or client. Our service is free of charge for you as a candidate.

Sustainable support

Even after the placement, we are at your side and are still there for you. In the case of freelance projects, we also take on the complete project administration and follow-up.

Sustainable support

Our principles

The following principles guide our actions and drive us every day to give our best as a personnel consultant for the life sciences:

Absolute confidentiality

Your image is your capital - that is why the information and documents we receive are treated with absolute confidentiality. We will only introduce you to a client after we are sure of your explicit permission.

Exchange on equal terms

Our team of headhunters always stays 'up to date' through continuous training in all areas of the life sciences - a basic requirement for us to be able to guarantee you a custom-fit consultation.

Perfect fit recruiting

In addition to the professional fit, we also place particular value on matching on a human level. Your goals, wishes and ambitions as a candidate are therefore just as important as your professional qualifications.

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Are you looking for new resources in permanent employment or in the form of freelance experts? We will find the right expert for your needs.

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What you can expect from us

Reputable national and international jobs and projects

Our top-class network in the national and international medical technology and pharmaceutical industry enables us to present you with challenging jobs that will inspire you. Whether you are looking for projects as a freelancer resp. consultant or job offers in permanent employment, both is possible with us.

Open communication and regular updates

For us, being a personnel consultant means one thing above all: being able to have a positive influence on other people's lives. That's why your introduction to the client is just as important to us as it is to you - because it could change your life.

Continuous personnel consulting as the key to success

As a personnel consultant, we continue where usual headhunters finish: after the deal. We not only accompany you through the interview process and contract negotiations, but also support you in onboarding into your new job and stand by your side as a personnel consultant for freelance projects until the end of the project.

We know what gets you ahead and work with you to find the perfect path to your professional goal.

Holistic, sustainable personnel consulting

As a specialized headhunter, we explicitly focus on holistic, sustainable personnel consulting. Our goal is to find the ideal job offer or freelance project for you as an expert that meets your expectations, wishes and ambitions. After all, not all jobs are the same: as headhunters, we need to have a good instinct for matching the right personalities with the right jobs.

Careers in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology

So that you can pursue your passion, we focus fully on ours: As a headhunter, we find the best jobs in the life sciences. Our clients are (inter)national companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology industries of all sizes. Our candidates include tomorrow's specialists and managers as well as freelancers of all experience levels.

Answers to your questions

Our specialization in the life science sector includes open positions in medical technology as well as biotechnology jobs or vacancies in the pharmaceutical industry. We place freelancers as well as permanent employees in all fields and career levels: Whether research and development or regulatory affairs, junior or senior, chemical-technical or medical-scientific job.

We see ourselves explicitly as personnel consultants, because we continue where usual headhunters stop: after the deal. Our focus, by contrast, is on you, the candidate. That's why we not only accompany you through the interview process and contract negotiations, but also support you during onboarding into your new job. In the case of freelance jobs, we will be at your side as personnel consultants until the end of the project.

In addition to a top-class network in the national and international medical technology and biotechnology industry, we maintain close contact with the specialists and direct decision-makers. We extend this advantage for you by getting to know you on a personal level during the initial interview and thus striving for a 'perfect match' on a human level. In this way, we gain a holistic picture of you as an expert in medical technology, biotechnology or pharmaceuticals and always know where your path should lead.

With us, you will find the job opportunities that excite you. Our search assignments include permanent positions as well as freelance jobs. These vacancies span all departments: Research & Development, Medical Affairs or Quality are just a few examples. We can also offer you equally exciting experiences in biotechnology, medical technology jobs or pharmaceutical projects.

In short: only what you also want. We will only introduce you to a customer with explicit permission from you. This respectful treatment of you and your personal data forms the foundation for sustainable and harmonious cooperation and is part of our corporate compliance.

Step 1: Initial contact

You as a candidate are just as individual and multifaceted as our customers in the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We get to know each other in a non-binding initial appointment. For us, the focus is on you as a personality, including your wishes and goals.

Step 2: Profile creation

In order to be able to find the perfect match for you in the future searches of our customers, we include you in our database. Among other things, this guarantees you a time advantage over other applicants for new jobs. Ideally, you will send us your current CV and all other application documents. We treat these as strictly confidential and only pass them on to our clients in consultation with you.

Step 3: Approach

As soon as we receive a search request from one of our clients that matches your expectations, we proactively address you. Together, we go through the requirements of the job, weigh things up together and discuss how to proceed.

Step 4: Introdiction and application process

Only with your consent do we introduce you to our client. Thanks to our direct contact with the decision-makers, you will always have the necessary edge over your competitors in the race for the job. Of course, we also take care of the coordination as well as the preparation and follow-up of the interviews.

Step 5: Placement

In the case of a placement, we also accompany the contract negotiations and prepare you in the best possible way for your new challenge in the life science sector. Here, we benefit from our profound experience in working with companies from the medical technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Step 6: Sustainable support

Even after the placement, we remain at your side and continue to be available as personnel consultants. For freelance projects, we also take care of project administration, any extensions and offboarding at the end of the project. Thanks to the references we obtain, you are already one step closer to your next job in the medical device or pharmaceutical industry.