Recruitment Experts
for the Life Sciences

Highly qualified professionals and executives who share your values and can be recruited as freelancers or permanent employees exactly when you need them - what sounds like a utopia is daily reality for us at Vality One.

Six steps to
a successful placement

Demand analysis

At the beginning, we go into detail about your needs as a client and explore together what expectations you have of freelance professionals and managers or future team members.

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Demand analysis
Candidate search

Our years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries give us a deep understanding of the life sciences, allowing us to quickly identify and secure the best available profiles for you.

Candidate search

The pre-selection of the applicants is mainly done by you. Based on the applicant profiles sent to you, you decide which of the candidates you would like to meet in person.


Of course, as headhunters we also take over the entire interview coordination for you. In doing so, we take care of both the preparation and follow-up of the interview, but also of the professional process control.

Final selection

After the interviews are completed, the moment of decision has come. To ensure that you make the best decision for your job or project, we are at your side with our experience as personnel consultants. Together with you, we review all profiles once again so that you can make a well-considered decision.

Final selection

After signing the contract, our work as a personnel consultancy is not finished. Therefore, we also support you with the onboarding of the candidate as well as with the ongoing support of the project/vacancy.


Our values

The following principles guide our actions and drive us every day to give our best as a personnel consultant for the life sciences:


We stand by our work and communicate with openness in all directions. This is how we pave the way for honest and trusting business relationships.


Highly qualified companies deserve high-quality consulting. Each of our team members pursues this aspiration at every stage of the process.


Our responsibility as headhunters is always to offer you a smooth process. For this reason, we always aim to support you with excellent personnel consulting.

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Are you looking for new resources in permanent employment or in the form of freelance experts? We will find the right expert for your needs.

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What we stand for:

As a modern personnel consultancy, we have focused on the life sciences sector and know exactly what is important to our clients when filling vacancies and searching for appropriate employees and consultants.

Whether pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or medical technology: Thanks to our extensive network, we as headhunters maintain direct contact with immediately available candidates (m/f/d) in the industry. Our freelance consultants, in particular, require hardly any initial training time thanks to their many years of experience and the know-how that comes with it. This means that your business processes continue to run seamlessly and you can concentrate fully on your core activities.

We take care of each client individually and professionally. Thanks to our experience as personnel consultants in the life sciences sector, we know what matters. Together with our client, we create a customized search profile for each job, which serves as a basis for us to find the very best consultant or employee available.

It does not matter whether you are looking for freelance consultants or professionals for permanent employment. Our experienced recruiters will find the right candidate for each of your jobs. Thanks to our experience in the pharmaceutical & medical technology industry, we can also provide excellent specialist knowledge in addition to our network. This ensures you the best candidate for every job - whether in the administrative area, as an operational specialist or in management consulting.

As a personnel consultancy for pharmaceuticals and medical technology, we know exactly what matters. Thanks to our specialization in this niche of the life sciences, we can take the necessary time to provide professional and targeted support for each job. This makes us not only recruiters, but also personnel consultants. A detailed requirements analysis serves as the basis for our search for the best candidate.

Your industry is highly individual - the work of a headhunter should be just as individual. For this reason, we do not provide you with various profiles within a few hours, but instead rely on qualified personnel consulting - because sometimes all you need is the right profile. In the same way, we present you with all aspects of each candidate that speak for or against a decision. This way, you can always be sure to make decisions based on the most recent information available.

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology industries thrive on a knowledge edge and the secrecy of information. We feel it is part of our responsibility as recruiters to also apply this secrecy of information to our work as an external personnel service provider. No matter whether it is search requests, business information or other information: Data provided to us is secure beyond the scope of the GDPR and is treated as completely confidential.