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10 tips for a successful job interview via video

At the latest with the Corona crisis, the virtual job interview via video has experienced an enormous revaluation.

But even far from Corona, about half of companies nationwide are now recruiting new employees - often via online interviews.

Applicants can be unsettled when they are asked to convince for the first time in front of a camera instead of in a classic on-site interview. Our 10 tips for a successful job interview via video should help you!

What's different about the online job interview?

In fact, the content of an online job interview is hardly any different from a classic job interview. So here, too, the focus will be on you, your professional qualifications and experience, and your fit with the company in question.

Differences arise only due to the implementation via video. However, with the right preparation, you can create ideal circumstances to avoid specific problems of the virtual environment.

How to convince in front of the webcam: Our 10 tips for your virtual job interview

Some of our tips for a successful virtual job interview will sound familiar. But of course we also want to address the specifics of the video interview.

Tip #1: Prepare the equipment early on

You should never start an interview unprepared. This is even more true online, because here you also want to prepare the necessary technology in good time. To do this, you should adhere to the following checklist:

  • Download any necessary programs to your computer in good time. Familiarize yourself with their use.

  • Make sure you have a stable Internet connection. Do not rely on the WLAN, but also use an Internet cable.

  • Ensure that there is sufficient lighting.

  • Use a good webcam.

  • Make sure that the batteries of your laptop, camera, headset, etc. are fully charged before the call. Use power plugs whenever possible.

  • Position the camera optimally before you start the call and test the sound.

Do not use tablets or smartphones for your video interview, even if this is theoretically possible. The image will never be ideal here, even if you use tripods or the like.

Tip #2: Provide a quiet environment and a suitable background

In the classic job interview, the recruiter in charge takes care of the interview environment. In an online job interview, you have to take care of this yourself.

We have also prepared a practical checklist for this purpose:

  • Provide a quiet, undisturbed environment. Avoid background noise or even noise. Turn off the radio and television.

  • Make sure that you are not disturbed during the conversation and that no other people are walking through the picture or talking in the background.

  • Close all windows.

  • Turn off or mute cell phone, telephone, and doorbell.

  • Choose a neutral background. The ideal distance to a free wall surface is 1.50 meters.

Pay special attention to the background that will be visible in the picture. If parts of your apartment are visible, they should look clean, tidy and serious. Do not reveal too much about your private life.

Tip #3: Do a test run beforehand

Choose a picture detail and lighting that you feel comfortable with beforehand. If you always feel like you look funny on screen, you won't be able to act naturally in the interview. Practice your gestures in front of the camera.

Ask friends or relatives to do a test run with you beforehand. Ask them to give you feedback on the image detail and speech quality. As a rule, we conduct an interview preparation together with you, which also serves as a test run.

Tip #4: Prepare well

Prepare for the interview in exactly the same way as you would for an on-site interview. Write down questions in advance and always have a pad and pens ready. You may also need to be able to solve small tasks in the online job interview. Have everything ready that will make you feel like you can meet the challenges of the interview without getting up.

Tip #5: Convince all along the line

You've prepared everything well - and a few minutes before the interview you notice that your Skype account still has your fanciful username from your student days and an old profile photo. That can cause stress and doesn't look good.

Therefore, check any profiles already used for the software beforehand. Update them, use your real name as a username and upload a professional photo of yourself. Also, if you create a new profile, you should set it up. It will look more personal right away.

Tip #6: Clothes make the man - also online

In the Corona Crisis, there was a lot of joking about the lack of pants in video conferences. In the online job interview, the rule is: dress from head to toe as you would for a face to face interview!

Because on the one hand, it makes a better impression. Creases and stains can also be visible on camera. In addition, you will feel much safer.

Tip #7: Provide yourself with something to drink

In the classic job interview, a glass of water or a cup of coffee is usually offered. In the online job interview, you quickly forget that. But a dry throat can be very unpleasant. Therefore, be sure to provide yourself with enough to drink for an interview lasting one to two hours.

Tip #8: Pay attention to your posture

When you test out the picture in advance, you also practice how you need to hold yourself to look natural and upright. This can be a bit more difficult in front of a camera and should not be tried out in the interview itself.

Tip #9: Keep eye contact

You cannot maintain "real" eye contact in video interviews. However, you will be noticed positively if you at least give the recruiter the feeling that you are looking him in the eye. To do this, keep looking directly into the camera lens. Make sure, however, that you set up your screen so that you can still see the video image of the other person. This is the only way you can react adequately to their behavior.

Tip #10: Get an impression of the company

It is more difficult to get a comprehensive picture of the company in question in an online job interview. Being shown around and getting a feel for the atmosphere - that's hardly possible online.

Therefore, get an impression of the company before the interview, for example on its website. Then think about which targeted questions you need to ask in order to better assess the working culture on site.

The online job interview: Finding a new job via webcam

An online job interview can open up opportunities and possibilities for you without the need for time-consuming travel. With our tips and enough time to prepare, even the virtual job interview can be a success. And if it doesn't work out the first time: Try again. You'll be much more relaxed the second time!

Now all that's missing is the interview?

No problem! Here you will find a selection of our currently open vacancies. Together with our recruiters you can discuss the details of all vacancies. We also present your profile in the best possible way to the decision-makers and prepare you in advance for each interview.

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